How we use cookies

Cookies are small text files. When you visit a website or application, cookies are downloaded to your device. The website or application can get these cookies from your web browser each time you visit. They use them to recognise you, remember your preferences and give you a more secure online experience.

Generally, cookies are very useful. They're used by almost every site you visit. They help to make your online experience as smooth as possible. For security reasons, many websites will not work at all without the use of cookies, or other similar technologies, such as 'web beacons' or 'tags'.

You can restrict, block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings. But this can mean that the website will not work properly.

For more information about cookies and their impact on you and your browsing

We use cookies on our site:

  • when you create an SH:24 account. These remember your login information so that you stay logged in as you move around our website.

  • through Google Analytics. These are used to collect information about how visitors use our site. We use this information to help us improve the site. The cookie collects anonymous information, including how many people have visited the site, where they have come from and which pages they visited. You can read an overview of data safeguarding at Google here

Managing cookies

Most internet browsers allow you to delete cookies from your hard drive, block all cookies (or just third-party cookies) or warn you before a cookie is stored on your device.

If you choose to block all cookies, our site will not function as intended. You will not be able to use many of the services we provide. To make full use of the features and services we offer, you will need to enable your cookies. You can do this in your browser.

Rather than blocking all cookies, you can choose to only block third-party cookies. This allows our website to work as intended. which will still allow our website to function as intended. Another option is Do Not Track. This means that websites that you do not visit, like analytics services, advertising networks and social platforms cannot track you.