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Our team loves working with journalists to spread the word – everyone can and should take charge of their sexual health.

We have a passionate team of clinicians and spokespeople ready to share expert advice on sexual health and wellbeing, contraception and STI testing. And we love to chat about how digital services like ours are revolutionising sexual health.

Our experts have appeared in:

Durex Sex Ed: A visit to STI clinic SH:24

Our team talk to artist Megan about sex positivity and explore what young people need to know about their sexual health.

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Channel 4, Embarrassing Bodies

The Embarrassing Bodies ‘Test-ival' event saw our sexual health nurses Helen Burkett and Abi Degg working with presenter David Whitely to show the importance of regular STI testing.

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"Never rely on anyone else’s test results!" says Helen [Burkett, Senior Sexual Health and Contraception Nurse at SH:24] "If your partner gets a negative test result, this doesn’t mean you will too. [...] It’s really important to do your own test, even if you consider yourself to be low risk."

What everyone needs to know about chlamydia

The Independent

"Dr Paula Baraitser, of SH:24 sexual health clinic, says for anyone coming off [the pill] it’s about weighing the advantages and disadvantages.[...] “These are difficult and complicated decisions and the factors influencing them change over time.” She encourages women to keep records and revisit decisions regularly."

I was held hostage to the pill – quitting felt like jumping off a cliff

Huffington Post

"People living with disabilities have sexual thoughts, feelings and activities like everyone else, but experience barriers in accessing information and services. [...] assumptions that people living with disabilities do not need sexual and reproductive health services are the most damaging."

Yes, We Do Have Sex! Disabled Women On 'Inaccessible' Sexual Health Services


“You’ve probably heard of a dental dam for oral sex, but if you’re anything like me before I started working for a sexual health service, you’ve probably never actually seen one. Originally used for dentistry, they are quite expensive and hard to get hold of, so unless your local sexual health clinic has them I would recommend a DIY version: the cut up condom!”

An essential safe sex guide for lesbian, bisexual and queer women


"If people can keep testing going and everyone gets tested while on this break, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event really," says Justin Harbottle, who works for SH:24".

Lockdown 'once in a lifetime opportunity' for sexual health

SH:24 in the news

GCN (Gay community news)

"Now, anyone in the Republic of Ireland aged 17 and over can order a test kit online, which is delivered for free to the person’s preferred address."

Free home testing available in Ireland

Digital Health

“The high standards of care we saw at SH:24 were exemplary. The privacy and dignity of patients was paramount, and they were treated with compassion and kindness.”

Online sexual health service rated outstanding by CQC


"I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say the discovery of these free kits has changed my life – and my sexual health. Here’s hoping it does the same for you.”

This free STI test kit is a game-changer for busy women

The Independent

"They offer a fantastic free service where people can order discreet STI home testing kits and receive their results in a few days."

Many migrants are struggling to access remote HIV tests